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If these three companies were to operate on the basis of a non-profit model, use an advanced form of mass collaboration to cut their operational costs, and give 100% of all profits they make to registered charities, in one year:  

Google could feed the estimated 925 million people (well over three times the population of the USA) that are currently suffering form undernourishment or starvation for more than three months in a row. If this sum was to be allocated every year, famines could be eradicated.

*Source: UN – World Food Programme – based on two thirds of Google’s 2009 revenue.


Yahoo! could fund the schooling fees of the estimated 115 million children that are currently missing out on their primary education for a full year. If this sum was to be allocated every year, all the children on our planet could aspire to having a primary education (Arguably the most important one)

*Source: UNESCO (UIS) and UNICEF – based on two thirds of Yahoo!’s 2009 revenue.


Facebook could replant and preserve more than half a billion trees every year… 

*Source: average cost of planting and preserving a tree (UN Environmental Agency) – based on two thirds of Facebook’s 2009 revenue.


Our reasoning is simple in form:

“Lets create a chain of online products that are able to match the intakes of these leading platforms and use 100% of all profits to fund aid, development, preservation and cultural projects around the globe.”  

In other words, we want to create a highly competitive company that will have as a soul purpose to serve the welfare of humanity and the preservation of our planet. 

Naturally these projections are, for now, irrelevant. To achieve this extremely ambitious goal we need to: 

1 – Create a unique product that can attract hundreds of millions of regular users.  

2 – Establish a robust revenue model that can insure the self-sustainability of our operations and a regular increase of our funding capacity.  

3 – Develop a project management system and a policy that is able to produce meaningful results both locally and globally.                   

4 – Find a way of financing the development AbP Live and our operations without calling on private investors. (AbP Live must remain a non-profit initiative at all levels!)   


In the four following chapters you will find a general explanation of how we intend to overcome each one of these challenges, and we hope it will be convincing enough to compel YOU to become a pro-active member of our growing community.      



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